Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Closet Reno

When we bought our house, one of the things missing was a master closet.  We've been here about 2 years and are finally getting around to adding it.  We are using Carbine Restorations to build out a new closet, taking over a portion of the bathroom and the adjacent linen closet in the hall.  (I found the graphic above very useful when planning out the space!)

This is the existing space, which was originally two closets - small bedroom closet and small hall linen closet back to back (photo taken from bedroom closet entrance).  The door to the hallway, and original linen closet door, was taken out and walled in.  The left wall was taken out and space from the bathroom incorporated to make the closet wider.  

Image after door walled in and bathroom wall removed (cut out is for chest of drawers).   It extends about 5 more feet to the left with an 8 foot back wall and 4 foot side walls. 

So now it's time for the design.  These are a few inspirational images: 

Picture lights + built-in dresser/vanity

Wall of shoes.


Shelving + built ins.

I had the hardest time allocating hanging space with open shelving and found this graphic to be useful. Obviously, my space is not nearly as large as any of the photos shown above. Always gotta dream big though!

I am still deciding on paint and finishes.  I'd love to do a fun color but with such a small space, I think white is going to be the safest option.  I've been leaning toward Benjamin Moore White Dove.  What whites do you like?

For hardware, I am thinking lucite, but again, can't really make up my mind. The gold looks really good above.
image via

Would handles be better since drawers are 34 inches wide? Gold? So many decisions... I think I'm out of my league!

Hopefully I'll be following up with an after update very soon....

Would love to see you on house tour tomorrow.  Let me know if you are interested in a weekly email with tour list....

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