Chez nous is Nouvelle Orleans,
by way of Alabama + Paris,
inhabited by a legally blonde fashion blogger turned brunette real estate extraordinare 
who dreams of the days on her rue in the 16th, 
has a weakness for decorating mags and grapefruit margs 
practically lives in J.Crew Pixie pants and Madewell tees, 
adores magnolia trees and finely manicured boxwoods
thinks there is nothing wrong with ridiculously expensive baby clothes,
is inspired by garden district architecture and Gerrie Bremermann,
will never be too busy for Sunday night HBO,
believes in the power of It's a Wonderful Life,
appreciates Mr. B's gumbo ya-ya but misses order by number Mexican joints, 
wears black and gold for the New Orleans Saints,
anchors down with the Vanderbilt Commodores, 
dreams of her grandmother's wedding dress,
listens to Frank Sinatra and Kanye 
drinks way too many skinny vanilla lattes,
believes the key to life is everything in moderation.

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