Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Little Something About Nothing

Meet:  The LWD.  A perfect New Orleanian version of the LBD.  With White Linen Night only a few weeks away, now is the perfect time to start placing orders. While this form fitting DVF sheath meets the linen requirement (and happens to be on sale) this silk Madewell frock might be my very favorite (trust me the picture doesn't do it justice).  There is just something about surviving a New Orleans summer that gives us a shared appreciation for white, right?
Drink:  More vino, of course.  Hoppers Carte Des Vins is hosting free wine tastings on Saturdays between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM.  Or better yet, let them bring the tasting to you.  Their adorable yet sophisticated wine aficionado (think summers spent crushing grapes in Burgundy) can arrange private tastings at your abode or in Hopper's private tasting room (prices starting at $25.00 a head).  Nothing says summer like a refreshing glass of Billette Rosé.
te:  Because July 4th doesn't end patriotic celebrations for Nouvelle Orleanians. Time to gear up for the July 14th commemoration of  Bastille Day.  Dijon Restaurant is hosting a brunch that just might meet the bill.  Afterwards, you can head to the French Market for French cooking demonstrations and music.  On the other hand, a Les Mis marathon on the sofa also sounds quite enticing... 
Play:  Cornhole.  Haunted by the memories of being picked last on the kindergarten kickball team? Seen Dodgeball one too many times? Then PLAYNOLA's Cornhole tournament is just your style.  The low sweat factor and the fact that it is happening at bar should seal the deal. Join now for the upcoming August tournament.
Laugh:  About nothing.  The legendary Jerry Seinfeld is coming to Nola and will be performing stand-up at the newly unveiled Saenger Theatre.   Check out some of the hall of famers to get you in the mood. 

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