Saturday, March 2, 2013

Starting a new job means packing up the pixies and pulling out the slacks.  As I re-enter the work world, I am realizing that I am starting from scratch in the button down department.  I spent the weekend doing a major closet re-eval.  Here is the list of essentials that every working girl needs in her closet.

The Working Wardrobe

  • A pair of awesome black pumps.  I have been eyeing these.  Love the saffiano leather! It's so durable.  I've also heard great things about the Nike air technology pumps for all of those long walks to happy hour.  Local look:  CeCe Shoe always has a great selection (and a fabulous sale going on!) 
  • An investment leather tote.  ADORE the bordeaux Celine the model is sporting above. I searched high and low for it in Paris but it turned out to be impossible to find.  Obv OP's Birkin would be nice, but not happening in this decade.  I could probably be persuaded to settle for this Balenciaga beauty if someone twisted my arm, couldn't you?  
  • Black slacks.  Cropped and long.  Maybe the most important pieces.  I know this because I do not own either (I know, ridic!) making my first 3 weeks of work pretty difficult.  The Cafe Capri is on sale at J.crew.  A good solid pant (I got the gray and the khaki, too), but wool won't last me much longer in Nola.  Anyone have a favorite black pant?  Local look:  Weinstein's carries the most beautiful basics.  A great place to find an investment pair of trousers in Nola.    
  • Tailored white, button down blouse.  I'm still sporting the Brooks Brothers non-iron, but feel like it's time to graduate.  Any thoughts?
  • Blazer.  Not a matching suit blazer, just a perfectly tailored blazer that you can put with everything.  I love my slim fit Theory.  One thing checked off the list. Yes! 
  • Trench.  You can't go wrong with the classic.
  • Cashmere cardi.  Eric Bompard is the cashmere king of France and an essential for every Parisian at heart.  The navy is a no-brainer.  Put it on your list for your next trip to Paris! 
I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! We've been enjoying the cold snap and being lazy by the fire.  PJ's at 6:30 on a Saturday = a perfect weekend for us these days. Working is tiring! 

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