Monday, January 28, 2013


BONJOUR!! I am so excited to see you all again!! I am beyond thrilled to bring you the new and relocated Mr. and Mrs.  We have beaucoup amounts of catching up to do....

After my bittersweet post bidding farewell to Paris (shout out to all of you that teared up with me on that one) The Mr. and I have relocated to New Orleans, which in case you didn't know, is not pronounced in it's correct French accent.  If I learned anything while living in France for nearly two years and not learning to speak French, it's that you never pronounce the S that does not have an E after it (disappointing America).

Although Walnut Lane is not quite a reality, (you New Orleanians reading this know that is it is very close) we will aim to make it an improved variation thereof; a place where we can come and look through the beautiful, if often idyllic, windows of life.  Although there aren't quite as many fabulous things at my door step anymore, spying life's lovely little nuances is perpetual.

Of course, I will also be sharing a little weekly banter about life in Nola. After all, Nola is a whole new ball of wax for us.  Not quite as big as Paris but just as sticky. 

So please do, stick around.  

À bientôt, future devotees. 

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