Wednesday, January 30, 2013

obsession du jour

This is my first Mardi Gras as a New Orleans resident and I realize I am treading on thin ice even broaching the topic of King Cake at such an infant stage in my New Orleanian life.  Nonetheless, over the past two weeks witnessing the enthusiasm this city has over King Cakes has been like watching Elf’s Will Ferrell being told that Santa is on his way to the department store.  

I’ve met die hard Randazzo fans, heard tales of the good old days at McKenzie’s, seen wrap around lines at Haydel’s while being apprised of their Guinness Book fame, and even heard about gold crusted and bacon laden renditions of the royal confection.  The enthusiasm is contagious. 

I have come to realize everyone has their own prince charming when it comes to this particular royalty.  Although I may not be an expert when it comes to the king of the cakes, there is one thing I do know a little bit about and that is French patisserie.   After spending two years eating my way through Paris, I am quite confident in my ability to spot a phenomenal set of flaky layers when I see one.  So when I heard that Tartine, the French patisserie tucked away Uptown, was kneading up it’s own version of the famous gâteau du roi, I knew that a love affair was not far from my lips.  

Tartine’s brioche king cake is over-the-top decadent.  Each bite seems to be filled with more buttery goodness then the last.  It is dense, moist and rich with the perfect amount of melt-in-your-mouth crystalized sugar.  Maybe it's the brioche or the French patisserie trained chef, but there is something different about this one and I like it.  

Although I realize that most affairs are fleeting, they are never forgotten.  And as I suspect there will be lots of love in the air over the coming years, Tartine is a prince this novice will never forget.  

Do yourself a favor and steal your own kiss from his royal highness at Tartine.  It is sure to be one that you don't regret.  

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Alexis Walter Art said...

What?! Tartine has King Cakes! I have always been a die hard McKenzie's fan but am loving Sucré this year. Happy first Mardi Gras! We love having you here!!