Sunday, August 23, 2015

Powder Room Reno

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Because there is no better time to renovate two bathrooms in your house then when you are pregnant and chasing a 16 month old....  Maybe it's the whole nesting thing, or maybe I'm just a glutten for punishment, but we are down to one working bathroom in our house while we renovate our first floor powder room and make some minor changes to our master bath.

The real story is that we had a leak in the powder room and a mold issue in the exterior wall which required immediate remediation.  Long story short, we had to gut and start over.  Here is the current state of the space...

It's located under our stairs and about the size of a postage stamp.  There is really only configuration possible - toilet in the back sink on the right wall.  We were able to salvage the floor (although not in the best condition, but at least it's marble) and the sink faucet (cold water only but beautiful Sherle Wagner).  The window above the sink and left wall are being mirrored and a shelves added behind the toilet.  We are working on the sink bowl now, any suggestions welcome!

Here is some inspiration...

Love this sink!!

Like the check on the wall and the sconces.

We were originally considering a mounted sink bowl to sit on top of the original wooden banjo counter but have decided to just go with the white sink bowl in marble. 

I love a fun wall paper and bright color in a powder room.  Our space is really too small to do much color, but still calls for a fun paper.  I chose this Farrow and Ball Napoleon Bumble Bee.  

We are in the middle of searching for a marble remanent for the sink. I like the warm tones of this one with the wall paper we are using.  We'll see what I can find...

Finally, the boisserie in this powder room is really standout.  It just makes everything look more finished and refined, doesn't it? Hopefully we will have it all finished by the time baby comes.  Check back for a finished update.  Soon I hope!! 

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