Monday, July 6, 2015

The 4th in The Kil

The Mr. and I got married in Kiln, MS - which I write about here - and it's one of my favorite places in the world.  Less than an hour from New Orleans, the Mississippi Gulf Coast makes for a nice get away from all of the hustle and bustle.  There's something about my Alabama roots that can't stay away from open fields and a river for too long.  The Mr.'s parents have a beautiful property on the Jordan river and we are so lucky to get to spend lots of weekends relaxing here.

Here are a few favorite pics from the weekend.

The baby is really into animals, particularly those of reptilian heritage, right now.  It's pretty cute that these were the Mr.'s when he was little.

Have you all seen these little French bathing suits? They are pretty awesome.  Since this chunk weighs just about a pound over the maximum capacity, it doesn't actually hold him up completely on his own but it does allow him to float if being prompted by one of us.  I'd be interested to hear how it works on a more average sized child...

3 generations of golf cart lovers. 

I learned how to slo-mo video on the i-phone and that pretty much entertained me all weekend while watching these two in the pool.

I couldn't resist a few pics of the beautiful cut hydrangeas in this fabulous pair of refraichissoir (defined as a table from the 18th century with a cooler for holding wine and shelf for holding plates). It's one of my favorite pieces of furniture.  The pink detail on these makes them one of a kind.

One more room shot that I could not resist.  This is the sunroom off of the family room.  If you find yourself in Atlanta or Houston, check out my mother-in-laws beautiful collection of French antiques in her shop Michele et Cie at the Stalls and MAI.  If only I could have captured the view out the windows you could really get the whole effect...

Never too young to appreciate the art of summer hydrangeas.

These are to document that Barqs was actually here, too. 

And of course, a few pregnancy friendly spritzers to keep the weekend festive (lots of ice, 1/4 wine, 3/4 soda, mint and raspberries).

And that about sums it up.

I hope you and yours had a great weekend celebrating the red, white and blue.  À bientôt.

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