Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wednesday Weekly Roundup

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EAT: At the hottest food trucks in Nola.  9 and 11 are in my 'hood and I can't wait to try.
DWELL: In the Irish Channel.  This is my favorite listing so far this week.
BIEN-être: With natural bug repellant - great solution for you and kids without the chemicals.  We tried the lotion and have been happy with results so far.
PEEK: At the hottest celeb of the moment: Prince George, of course.  Just discovered that Leta Austin Foster of Palm Beach sells all of Kate's favorite brands.  She even does a pretty close replica of this adorable heirloom button-on.   (Although you can't shop online, you can email and order directly from the store...ask for the classic Leta Austin Foster line). 

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