Thursday, May 14, 2015

Estate Envy

I've been cheating on blogging with life lately.  Namely, a baby named Jack and a career named real estate.  You  may have been following me a little bit here, but it hasn't been anything like my old blogging days.   A lot more corporate and a lot less... graphically appealing/personal.  After a long boring year of that approach, I've decided it's time to get back to basics and focus more on writing about things I enjoy and less on infrequent mortgage rate info.  Don't get me wrong, I still want to talk about real estate, but in a way that I enjoy sharing without as much boring canned info.  This space will be a place to come for anything and everything interesting, beautiful and relevant.

 I hope my old blog readers will find this a to be an exciting sequel to Mr. and Mrs. in Paris and I hope my clients will stop by to check-up on the real estate world.  It's a one stop shop for everyone! (That includes you grandparents, because I'm sure a baby photo or two hundred will inevitably sneak in).

I hope that this post is a first of many in a series I'm going to call Estate Envy.  The column will feature enviable property currently on the market in New Orleans.  Because who doesn't like to look at pictures of beautiful houses? 
The first feature property is one of the most beautiful estates in the city.  Nestled on Audubon Park and owned by one family the duration of it's life, it is truly a once in a lifetime piece of real estate for sale in New Orleans.  Along with all of the coveted history and charm that comes with this elegant estate are large rooms and meticulously manicured grounds.

These pictures, as beautiful as they are, do not even do the house justice.   Not pictured is the pool, french garden, master bath, and lots more! Please get in touch with me if you want a showing.   It's truly one of kind.

While we're on the subject of New Orleans, it is my favorite time of year down here.  The jasmine bloom is coming to an end and gardenia bloom is just beginning.  While I miss the intoxicating magnolia blooms from back home (we have them here, just not as profuse) I can live with a blue and white container filled with gardenias.  Snipped these from my back yard yesterday.

And just for good measure - here is the culprit for my hiatus.... can't say no to that face. Or those rolls.

Welcome back, everyone!

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