Friday, August 9, 2013


Meet:  The LRD.  Because New Orleans annual Red Dress Run is a great excuse to add some color to your closet.  I'm loving this in reality and this in my dreams.  I also hear that Dovima Paris is returning with her Fall collection in October.  Trust me, the Sonia in red will be last LRD you ever need to purchase.  Stay tuned for details.
Eat:  Good Eggs.  The newest farm to table venture to hit Nola this summer.  Not only can you get good eggs, but meat, cheese, and veggies too.  The site connects local farmers to consumers.  You can pick up your grocery items for free at multiple locations around town or pay $3.99 and have them delivered.  Best price on jumbo lump crab around.  My favorite way to indulge in jumbo lump goodness is like this.  What's yours?
Fête:  In your favorite Dirty Linen.  Because there is no length we will not go to for an excuse to throw a festival in New Orleans.  Including celebrating the dirty clothes produced from a previous festival.  If you can stomach the heat, word on the street is that Plum Street Snowballs will be there to cool you off.   Make sure to stop by the Blue Dog house to catch a glimpse of what quintessential Nola artist George Rodrigue is up to.  I am really loving the Green Dog...
Dwell:  In the lap of luxury on St. Charles Avenue.  If only through vicariously via these amazing pictures on the Internet.  Curbed just posted a piece of one of the newest additions to the insane New Orleans real estate market.  Crazy what six million one hundred and eighty five dollars will get you these days.
Laugh:  At the Swedish version of a crawfish boil.  No bonus points for trying on this one, Ikea. 

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