Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nars + Mac & Cheese

Meet: Nars lip pencils.  They will take you from "Oh you look cute" to "Oh! you look fab!" I suggest puckering up for this corally summer shade.
Eat:  Mac & Bleu at St. James Cheese Co. The nod to jazz fest's, Fleetwood in the description is an accurate forewarning that this isn't your mother's Mac & Cheese.
Jet:  Did you know MSY now has direct flights to Mexico? Aero Mexico will depart Nola at 2:10 PM and arrive in Cancun by 4:25 PM.  It probably takes longer than that to commute to the burbs on a Friday.
Dwell:  The unspeakable I would do to get a Carolyn Evans in my abode.  A recent exhibit at Cole Pratt, had this beauty on display.
LaughMiddle Class problems.  Emotional photos and twitter cut to the core of societies' biggest challenges.  

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